Vendor Assistance Program

Helping golf and country clubs get back on track

Right now, conducting business is difficult for everyone. We know everyone wants to return to normal and every day we are working to find solutions to help companies do just that - return to normal.

No one should be surprised to hear Kevin O'Leary say he's asking his vendors to go without payment. Millions of businesses are doing the same. This is one of the areas where we can help. For vendors servicing facilities with golf courses, we have created the Vendor Assistance Program. The program helps golf facilities send payments to their vendors without paying in cash. Golf facilities can pay with tee time sales and direct the golfer payments directly to their named vendor.
This program is available to private and public golf facilities.
Vendors can apply for the Vendor Assistance Program by completing this form and golf facilities wanting to participate are encouraged to introduce their vendor(s) to the program by sharing this link:
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