You're not Steven Spielberg

Nope, you're not Steven Spielberg, the great movie maker, but the good news is you're not supposed to be; the question is - should you use video to help share your story, news and invitations? The answer is a resounding yes. And you can do at least half of it, yourself.

In this new and temporary world of hyper 'pivot', 'adjust', 'nimble', and 'survive' you have access to tools that will help you elevate your member engagement game and come out of the other side of our national health crisis with an improved member communication experience.

Our team has post a video showcase to share how we are adjusting and helping current clients with their new normal. Video remains king for communication and is only second to face-to-face communication. While face-to-face is challenging, have a look here, and let us know if we can help you: Remote Clubhouse Bulletin