When tee times are mandatory

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Our team is focused on providing private golf and country clubs solutions to help them reach their goals. Today, the goal more often than not is to survive.

The latest requirement is providing members the opportunity to book their tee times online. For many, this is not about convenience, it is mandated by local municipalities and in some cases, states. NBC5 Chicago reports: "While golfers are expected to follow social distancing measures, golf courses will be required to allow tee times to be booked online"

Most would think all clubs would already offer online tee times but in actuality, a lot of private clubs try to provide premium convenience by using a policy of 'show up and play'. Many general managers and golf professionals believe this is the ultimate convenience and they may be right. Today, this policy is holding back many clubs. To survive, today's club must allow online tee time reservations. Thankfully, our team has been offering this solution for years and now, we are making this a top priority. For any private golf club in North America, we are offering a tee time reservation system for just $500 for the next three months. No commitment is required and we will have the system installed in less than 48 hours.

Our G1 tee sheet is cloud-based and simple to use. It can support integrations with point-of-sale and more but for now, it seems what matters are tee time reservations and we can provide the technology and support needed to make this happen, very quickly.

This technology is in use at hundreds of golf courses, more than 600. It was built to provide a private club experience. It's low friction and simple for members and staff at private clubs. Here's our executive vice president, Will McIntosh, talking about the technology during a round table in 2019

We know clubs want to move fast on this need and we're ready. To contact someone on our sales team, please send an email to and share your name, club name and state. Additionally, you can complete the form found here