The Impact of Clubhouse Bulletin

Updated: Jun 15

The Clubhouse Bulletin is bringing the future of member communications to life for private clubs around the country.

Clubhouse Bulletin, powered by Clubhouse Solutions, a division of the NBC Sports Group, recently surpassed its 500th video produced for more than 40 clubs nationwide. Since launching in 2018, these two- to four-minute custom videos – hosted by personalities who have gained popularity on GOLF Channel – have helped clubs to better engage and inform members, motivate employees who love being featured, as well as recruit potential new members. More and more clubs are considering the shift toward more modern communications, where video is king.

Josh Rumsey, General Manager at Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club in Palo Alto, Calif., said the videos have replaced printed newsletters that used to be mailed out every month. “It’s for clubs wanting to be on the cutting edge of innovation,” he said. “Private clubs are generally 25 years behind the trends. When I saw the first one, I thought ‘That is awesome’. It caught my attention. It has been incredibly well received. It looks like Lauren Thompson (the video host) is part of the club. It adds a level of professionalism. It is far better than what we can produce inhouse. It looks professional and clean. The (communication) team loves working on it. Members love it. It is part of the future of the business.”

How it works

The process of creating a custom-produced Clubhouse Bulletin is quite simple for any club. Although it takes some planning from the management/communication staff members to figure out what stories and news they want to share, much of the work falls on the Clubhouse Solutions team. Once a club submits all the important information and the best photos and videos they can gather to highlight its news, a team of experts takes over. This is a big advantage over the competition, which is often a one-person shop. Thompson, a long-time Golf Channel personality, is a recognizable face. The technical crew behind the scenes has all the tools and talent for premier video editing, lighting and graphics to make every video look like a four-minute TV show.

Linzy Mara, Communications Director at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Bedminster, N.J., admits putting together the first time script for the new “Fiddler’s Insider” video earlier this year was a “scary thing.”