The Effectiveness of Outsourcing Club Communications

In-house email service takes considerable time and effort to be successful. You’ll need to hire or train specialized staff because having clear communication without errors is one of the most important components of any business. By turning to outsourcing, the service commencement phase can become faster. Plus, all the necessary equipment and people needed for the system will already be provided.

Greater availability can only benefit your business when it comes to customer service. Having email services increases member satisfaction and retention. In contrast, if your email services are constantly unavailable, it could lead to delayed responses to inquiries and other member or prospect concerns. As we all know, people dislike waiting, and more so if their message is urgent. This can result in your members becoming displeased with your club.

Building an email infrastructure that has failover capabilities is challenging. It’s time-consuming, extremely pricey, and often requires professional expertise. Clubs typically hire a communication manager or marketing director and IT people to run their communication platforms. The biggest mistake that I see clubs make is they hire an unqualified communications employee to run their communication efforts. Why is this such a consistent mistake in the club business? Would you hire someone who has never played golf to be your director of golf? Communications should be considered one of the most valuable departments at your club – you can engage and retain members simply through strategic communications. For time savings, cost savings and convenience, you can opt to partner with an email service provider. When you join our Plus Program we add a dedicated specialist to your private club team without the labor cost liability. Your Plus Specialist tends to daily, weekly and monthly tasks, saving you time and energy. Bi-weekly calls ensure we know your club at a detailed level. We have platforms that offer protection against failure and operate in fault-tolerant networks to ensure that your business can continue operating.

When you handle such services internally, you’ll need a hardworking staff to keep the system running like clockwork. However, hiring and training new workers to manage email needs requires time and resources. Conversely, assigning customer service-related email tasks to your regular employees can keep them from performing their primary job functions. You can solve this challenge by using our Plus Private solution. With this burden off your shoulders, you and your staff will then have more time to focus on the core aspects of your business.

The power of efficient and effective email services is indisputable. It can help clubs reach more people and help in maintaining good customer service. If you know the right steps to take, it can even help expand your club. Outsourcing your email services is one smart move that you can do to help your club save money, perform better, and earn higher revenues.

If you want to know more about outsourcing communications and how we can help you save money and time, click here to learn more about our Plus Private program.