Ready to take your emails to the next level?

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Looking to take your marketing emails to the next level? Here’s tips on how to use your email marketing to make campaigns more effective.

Your Audience

Forget about ‘One Size Fits All’…When it comes to email marketing, it’s important to keep your audience in mind constantly. There really is no such thing as an effective all-encompassing message that interests everyone. This is where email really has a chance to shine versus other methods of communication. After all, posting on social media, while incredibly valuable, sends out a single general message to everyone who follows you.

When it comes to email, you can split your audience into separate groups and speak to them based on each group’s needs. If you’re looking to convert every potential customer that comes your way, it’s essential that you identify these buyer personas and appeal to these different groups.

Email with a Purpose

What’s the one type of email you should never send? The kind you send, just to send it. Every single email you send should have a purpose that provides value to your readers, whether they are members, prospects or guests from an event. Their inbox is not the place to simply remind them of your existence. No one liked the poke button on Facebook, remember? Here are a few tips when building your next email…

Focus on your subject line...

Subject lines are critically important. These are the headlines that convince a subscriber your email is worth opening. That means you should do everything within your power to set yourself up for success here.

Keep It Simple.

On to the body of the email. The goal here is to grab your reader’s attention quickly and follow up with a strong CTA (Call to Action). Regardless of whether you want them to register for an event, sign up for our facility tour, or like your Facebook page, organize your copy using the “power of three”. Simply put, people tend to easily remember three things, so lists of three reasons to click help making your messages sticky and engaging.

Send to Yourself First.

This one feels like a no-brainer, but when you reflect on how few people proofread their own emails, you quickly realize it isn't. Always send yourself a test email first to ensure that:

  • There are no typos

  • The images show up

  • The format looks great on both your desktop and smartphone

  • All the links work

  • There is nothing glaringly wrong with the email

Scheduling for Success

The best day and time to send your emails depends on your unique customer set. However, you can make some educated guesses using the research others have already done. Here at GOLF Business Solutions, our Plus team has found that most of our public golfer’s book last minute, so we recommend scheduling emails on Friday afternoons when they are thinking about golf most. Start there, and then test and optimize based off your own data.

Reviewing Sent Campaigns

Email marketing is not a one-and-done thing. Once you send an email, you’re not done with that email - you’re just onto the next step. Review your stats to compare how well the email did against your predictions and similar emails you’ve sent.

There is no such thing as a perfect email. Don’t be afraid to test out different types of images, subject lines and specials to learn more about what your golfers are interested in.

Ready to take your emails to the next level? Reach out to your Market Sales Manager to talk about how Plus Private could help save you time and start amplifying your inbound marketing efforts.