PGA Tour LIVE for your clubhouse televisions

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

How would you like to make your club even more of a destination for golf on television? You can now give your members, customers and guests the ability to watch more golf than ever all while they continue to come back and enjoy the other amenities of your club. We are pleased to announce an exclusive opportunity for your club to add PGA Tour LIVE to help you drive lunchtime volume and continue to build a great clubhouse atmosphere week after week. If you utilize DirecTV as your satellite TV provider, we can now provide you with exclusive access to add the PGA Tour LIVE feed on channel 9538.

Here are the details. For less than $600 per year depending on your viewing capacity, you will get access to showcase over 1,200 hours of live golf, 34 weeks of exclusive high-quality coverage, featured group play and get the marketing materials you need to get the word out about all of the new live golf coverage you have to offer.

Annual fee

Est. viewing | ClubBuy rate/Standard rate capacity

1 to 100 | $290 $325

101 to 200 | $350 $395

201 to 300 | $410 $465

301 to 400 | $470 $535

401 to 500 | $530 $600

This is your chance to add a new window of golf viewing and extra attraction for your lunch program. With exclusive access to more hours of golf coverage for your members, customers, and guests, your club is all set to become the local broadcast home of the PGA Tour. Are you ready to make this happen? For more information, visit to learn more.