Navigating the New Normal

Our government officials, top scientists, news outlets; even friends & family, all seem to have varying opinions of when life will return to normal. Throughout the country many of us that are in sales and service driven careers have been waiting anxiously for a sign that our country can “get back to the business of doing business”.

There does seem to be a growing sense of a light at the end of the tunnel. With state governors forming regional task forces to guide the reopening of the economy; much consideration must be placed on how we conduct business in the new normal when reopening occurs. Understanding how we will interact with clients, colleagues, family and friends, I suspect, will be an ever-evolving process.

This begs the question: how do we approach new and existing clients without it being viewed as a “sales pitch” that’s tone deaf to the current climate we are all living in. How do I call on clients when so many are dealing with the here and now of furloughs, budget cut-backs, home schooling of children and support of family members - not to mention the general frustration of stay at home orders and social distancing practices?

To the credit of so many leaders here in this country - the answers are out there. National and Regional Associations, CEOs, LinkedIn thought leaders and the like, have been so vocal. Through their words and actions, two things became clear to me on what’s truly important when conducting business in today’s environment: Serve Others & Bring Value.

Serve Others: So many examples in my industry of clubs donating meals to healthcare professionals and first responders, adjusting services and finding different roles for employees to keep them on the payroll. Hotels and resorts opening their pantries to furloughed employees to bring food home to their families.

Our team at Clubhouse Solutions recently partnered with a technology company and unveiled a program to help Clubs set up an Employee Relief Fund where membership could make tax deductible donations to help staff with living expenses, offered without fees or long-term commitments.

Bring Value: I recently wrote a blog post on ways to save money, focusing on our ClubBuy program – this program brings value to our partners. When utilized to its fullest extent, the program can bring my clients savings when they might be struggling with their budgets during this time of reduced services. Each of us needs to find ways to bring some sort of value to our customer – and do so unapologetically.

Further, I’d like to invite you to join us for our first webinar in GOLF’s new Clubhouse Coffee Break series on Tuesday, April 21st at 1pm EST, in our first session let us walk you through the US Foods technology portal and show you how to find products that can bring your business meaningful savings. This is beneficial to all golf and country club operators, plus anyone running a business that purchases food. We hope you can join us. A coffee-themed prize will be awarded to one lucky attendee each call. RSVP for the series here: