Leads to Success

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Over the past 5 years, I have had a few opportunities to speak at large industry conferences regarding membership sales and the challenges surrounding this vital topic. As part of my presentations for each, I would conduct a short survey leading up to the presentation to gather data that would help me prepare. In these surveys, I always asked what the most challenging piece of the sales process was and, in every case, “lead-generation” was the #1 answer by a wide margin. 

At a private club, there has always been a reliance on member referrals to keep the sales funnel full for new members. While this is the preferred way for leads to come in, for many clubs, this lead source has substantially dried-up due to many reasons, causing clubs to struggle in maintaining a pipeline of qualified leads.

Beyond member referrals, the other lead-generator typically in place is the pubic-facing website. In the past 10-15 years, this lead source has been the fastest-growing generator as more and more club prospects use websites as their method of researching clubs. While websites are a solid lead source, it hasn’t been strong enough for many clubs to keep their sales funnel filled.

Once you get beyond the member referrals and inbound leads from the club website, there haven’t been other quality options available to drive qualified leads. It is because of this widespread need, Clubhouse Solutions has launched Marketplace Leads & Tee Times to answer the need in the industry. For the first time, GolfNow, the largest golfer marketplace in the world, has created a dedicated, private club section for the 1,400,000 active users to search for clubs near them. This new private club area opens an exciting pipeline for clubs to drive qualified leads to their membership directors and fill the sales funnel each month.

Beyond the lead form being posted to the private club section of, Marketplace Leads also gives your club a strong editorial presence on, the #1 review site for golf courses and an additional lead source. When golfers around the country read reviews, there is the ability to see private clubs and request more information.

In sales, it always comes down to a numbers game. The more qualified leads coming into your sales funnel, the more memberships you will sell. With Marketplace Leads & Tee Times, clubs now have a new and exciting source of lead generation from the largest pool of golfers who regularly pay to play golf.