Consistency is Key

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

One of the reasons I thoroughly enjoy my role as National Sales Manager for private clubs, is I personally experienced almost everything that goes on inside a club over my 8-year stint as Membership & Marketing Director. With this experience, I understand the time it takes a club to properly communicate all that is happening around the club each week and each month.

In today’s club world, members are receiving 3 emails a week on average from their club, with many clubs sending more. My hope is your club has the luxury of having a dedicated and experienced Communication Director who can take the different content from your department heads and format it with a consistent branding message to your members. The reality is many clubs don’t have such a luxury and rely on multiple other department heads all working together to make it work.

The goal of every club should be to provide their members with the important data in a clear, concise set of communications, which prompt the member to take the time to read or view. In 2019, more and more club communications will be read on a smartphone so it is vitally important your emails are built to be viewed on this platform properly and easily. Is your club doing that properly?

Between weekly emails, monthly newsletters and possible video updates, it takes a concerted and orchestrated effort for a club to deliver a strong, consistent communication schedule to members. If your club needs some guidance or even some outsourcing of these communications, please reach out, as GOLF Business Solutions currently provides this type of service for over 1,400 courses and clubs around the country as I speak.

With the expansive resources available through GOLF, we can provide private clubs with an economical way to make sure members are receiving the best possible set of communications all consistently branded to your club. Feel free to send me a quick email by clicking here.