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Updated: Mar 25

As our business grows, we are seeing more and more clients paying for their commitments with cash. Products and services such as Clubhouse Bulletin, Club marketing videos, Plus Private, and Plus Instructor are popular cash invoice products with hundreds of clients. And now we have hundreds upon hundreds of new clients paying cash for technology including EZSuite and EZEngage. So it's easy to see we have a lot of cash-paying clients. As our ClubBuy members know, the ClubBuy team is always looking to create more savings and they're now bringing this focus to our GOLF and Clubhouse family of solutions.

Now, here's the breakdown of how ClubBuy benefits work. If your business or club spends more than $12,500 in a calendar quarter with U.S. Foods through ClubBuy and/or our ClubBuy fresh produce program, you will receive at least a $120 credit on your invoice or total invoices in a subsequent quarter. As your spend increases, your savings will also increase until you reach a cap of $2,000 of quarterly credit. This means you can reduce your cash invoice amount by $8,000 each year.

Here's an insider tip. If you pay cash for EZSuite or Clubhouse Bulletin, then this offer is too good to pass up. It's worth checking out. For the non-ClubBuy viewers, please check in with your market sales manager for more details. As a reminder, it's free to join ClubBuy and you usually enjoy a 15% discount. That's right. No initiation fee. Join today

We understand that this is a comprehensive benefits program, so all of the details are posted on the ClubBuy website. You can find a user-friendly breakdown on

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