Did You Know? – Disaster Relief Payments for Private Clubs

The core principle of our Clubhouse Solutions division is to help private clubs reach their goals,

and during the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to search for ways to do this. Upon researching

ways to assist, we uncovered a provision in state tax codes, specifically Internal Revenue Code section 139 which provides preferential tax treatment of certain types of relief payments to club employees who have been laid-off or furloughed.

In a nutshell, clubs with 501(c)(7) tax-exempt status can collect charitable donations for employees, from their members, which are tax-deductible due to the national emergency caused by the COVID-19 crisis. This is an important clause because private golf and country clubs typically cannot collect tax-deductible charity donations and being able to do so can be a life-line for employees who are struggling due to the shutdown.

Clubhouse Solutions wants to provide an easy vehicle to collect these donations for club employees around the country through our relationship with Givinga. This is not a revenue generator for our company, but it is the right thing to do during this critical time. 

To give your club members the ability to assist club employees using the tax-deductible option during the shutdown, please email me, or complete the form on our Employee Relief Program page and we will contact you to set up the personalized donation page.

We are all in this together, stay safe and stay connected!