Control the Narrative

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

As private clubs across America continue to embrace social media more and more, there is a growing need for club managers to be conscious of what is being said across the spectrum.

Inside the club, it is already quite the task to understand what current members are saying amongst each other, and to their friends. Once you get outside of the club, the task gets exponentially harder without the help of technology to understand the narrative surrounding your club and the word of mouth.

Many of us got our first taste of online reviews with the popularity of “Yelp”, but now the list of review sites has grown to include Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GOLF Advisor, and many others. You might not think your private club would be part of these reviews, but the reality is most clubs allow guests to come with members each day. Beyond normal guest visits, you can have hundreds of guests experiencing your club via a large social event or private function such as a wedding.

While the hope is any review which would be posted about a club would be positive, all research says the unhappy guest is the most likely to post a review. This means clubs across the country could be unaware of negative word of mouth being spread across the internet without a way to monitor and respond.

One way to monitor these reviews would be to set a Google alert for your club. While not perfect, this alert should notify you regarding any post which mentions your club’s name. Beyond setting up an alert, some new technology called “listening technology” can help scan a wider swath of review sites to bring all reviews, both positive and negative into one location. To learn more about this technology, click here.

The more you can know what is being said about your club, the better you can be at controlling the message online. It is a fact, every year more and more prospective club members are researching about clubs online, so the need to control the narrative will only grow…be prepared!