An opportunity to save money

We are all working to find innovative ways to cut costs and add value for our members, employees and local communities.  When challenged to run lean in the world of "take-out only", "curbside pick-up" and restricted Clubhouse access, many of our partners are turning to ClubBuy.

Data suggests that private clubs are running at 60-65% of their normal food and beverage service for this time of year.  Not having the volume of customers that comes with full dining rooms, bars, and robust social events to create a healthy margin makes savings on those service items you purchase, even more critical.  Finding savings enables organizations to serve better members, keep employees on the payroll and make an impact on the communities in which we operate.       

We’ve seen so many instances of clubs converting operations into pseudo-grocery stores, custom delivery to members for meals and staples such as produce, household paper products, even prescription drug delivery; all driven by staff.  On top of serving their members, clubs are donating meals to their local healthcare professionals and first responders.

Curbside pick-up of meals and to-go orders, for those courses still allowing play; have changed the way F&B is packaged, presented and delivered.  This change in operational capacity forces us to think of new and innovative ways to “close the gap” in our margins.   

ClubBuy is an access GPO (Group Purchasing Organization), managed by the team at GOLF Business Solutions and our partner’s team at Premier Inc., a source GPO. In total, our group members combine to spend over $60 billion each year. It’s the #1 GPO in sports.

As a result, ClubBuy saves our partners an average of 17% on food purchases, produce, paper products, office supplies, turf care equipment and chemicals, to name just a few.

Its free to join (no initiation fee), there is no minimum purchase requirement and no contracts.  If you are interested in learning more: